Choose the right best kayak!

Find out everything you need to know about kayaks here. In this ULTIMATE guide, we will cover all the aspects for choosing and buying a kayak .

Below are the different categories of best kayak. If you already know which type of kayak you want to navigate, you can go directly to these pages, which will detail with precision how to choose your next kayak and will test the different models of kayaks available on the market.

A means of transport favored by the Eskimos in the old days, for hunting whales, caribou and bears on the Arctic coasts, kayaking is today a benchmark entertainment tool at sea, on rivers and lakes. Whether for a solo sporting activity, quiet family outings, with children or a weekend of thrills with friends, the choice of a good kayak depends on your comfort and safety on the water . For a successful first time or yet another more secure trial, we offer a complete guide to choosing the right kayak.

Each kayak has its own activity

There are as many types of boats as there are uses. Sea kayaking, downhill kayaking, river or lake kayaking, line racing kayak or slalom kayak, the choice of a kayak depends essentially on the activity you want to do. Expedition kayaks group together all uses for sporting purposes, while pleasure kayaks particularly concern uses for entertainment. Concretely, a kayak makes it possible to sail on calm waters as on rough waters or even in high seas.

To choose a kayak, several parameters and criteria must be taken into account. A kayak must indeed offer a performance adapted to the activity that one wishes to do. The characteristics of a kayak are also a function of their performance and must be subject to an in-depth analysis upon purchase. Finally, the proper use and functionality of a kayak also depends on the type of hull.

The right size for good performance

There is a wide choice of kayaks on the market. Distributors of major brands will advise beginners on the choice of the right kayak for practice at sea, in the river or on a lake. The more experienced will choose their kayak according to their performance and characteristics. But in all cases, it is also necessary to take into account the weight of the machine, on which depends its stability on water and its maneuverability. The length of a kayak is also a function of its speed and its course. Concretely, to get a good speed, just choose a longer kayak. The width of a kayak depends on its stability. The larger it is, the more stable it will be and the safer the paddler will be on board.

A model for each family

A criterion to consider when buying a kayak is also the number of passengers who must occupy the boat. There are thus different types of kayaks suitable for solo practice, family models for use by two, three or even four, or even two-person kayaks which are suitable for families made up of two adults and a child.

Be careful, riding a kayak with others can affect the weight of the structure. The more passengers there will be on board, the heavier the kayak will be and the greater the wind resistance. The ideal is to practice each on a single-seater kayak and to go in parallel if necessary. In addition, a single-seat kayak requires less effort to paddle than a two-seat kayak. Especially if the model chosen has a length of more than 4 m.

In all cases, at the risk of not finding the ideal model on the market, it is recommended to favor stability over performance.

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